Kidz N Brainz is the Brain Child of Mrs. Sathya Sunil, who is the Director of the company and the organizer of the competition. It has around 40 centers across 3 states. It is the first company in Karnataka to be organizing an open competition in Abacus wherein students from different companies along with Kidz N Brainz students had participated. We had open competitions not only for ABACUS, but also for other categories like KIDZ ENGLISH, CALLIGRAPHY, HANDWRITING, VEDIC MATHS & CHESS.
Over 700 children from different centers across the state between the age group 5 to 15 had participated in the competition, out of which around 300 to 350 children won the prizes in different categories. Some 15 Wonder Kid Awards was given away for the children who excelled in their respective categories.One could even see LIVE demonstration by Kidz N Brainz children, where children, within fraction of seconds came out with answers for any 2 digits & 3 digit multiplication tables. These tables were called out by parents themselves.
Shivani, a student of indiranagar could solve all the 6 sides of rubik cube in 1.58min in front of around 800 audience which dumbstruck them.