In Just A few easy lessons you will be able to recall anything and increase Your I.Q. at the same time!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to recall any piece of information instantly, without having to refer to a sheet of paper every five seconds? Well, get ready for the shocking truth… Your brain already has this ability… You just haven’t been taught how to use it!

We are only using a small fraction of our brain’s natural ability.
You have no doubt heard the saying, ‘We only use a small percentage of our brain.’ This statement is absolutely true, but with these memory expanding techniques you will be using more of your brain, and as a result increase your awareness and your I.Q.

The techniques discussed in the Memory Boosters course will help you in unlimited ways. You will have complete control over every piece of information that ever enters your head. Here are some amazing benefits you can look forward to once you have completed this fun and easy course:

COURSE SYNOPSIS   Total levels – 2 levels

Level 1 : memory techniques, Exercises, Speed Reading Techniques, Concentration techniques, Spelling techniques, Learning skills
Level 2 : Brain gym, Memorizing 100 names, Exam techniques, Calendar techniques, Poem learning techniques, Study Planner, Scientific revision method, SQ3R Technique, Digits technique, Memorizing playing cards, Spelling technique, Chunking, Clue technique for foreign languages, LOCI method, Retention exercise, Positive attitude

Course DurationWeekly 1 class of 2hrs each
Age:8 yrs and above

Course Benefits   

  • Remember the name of every person you ever meet
  • Achieve higher grades at school or university, all while cutting your study time in half
  • Memorize long lists, such as shopping lists, schedules, important facts etc.
  • Learn to develop a photographic memory and improve your visualization skills
  • Master the art of public speaking by memorizing your entire speech with ease
  • Memorize essays and other types of text in no time at all.
  • Remember long numbers (8 digits) or more. Perfect for recalling phone numbers, confirmation codes, or mathematical answers
  • Never again forget the birthdays or anniversaries of your family and friends
  • Amaze all your family and friends with your incredible new skills. They will think you’re a genius.
  • Have more confidence then you ever thought possible.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You will be amazed at how using these simple-to-learn techniques will totally transform your personal and academic life.