Cursive means “joined up”. It is not the name of any particular style. It is the Ideal way of writing for children above 5 years.
You save a plenty of time in this writing, as you need not lift your hand after each and every letter. It doesn’t strain your hand as very less number of up and down movement of the wrist is involved.
Good handwriting is an acquired skill. It can be obtained by little practice and technical instructions. The size, slant, spacing and rhythm are very important for a good writing.
It is said a person’s hand writing is a mirror to his character. Good hand writing reflects one’s personality.
For securing high marks in exams good hand writing is very essential. It does not mean that you must have a very beautiful writing, what is meant is that what you write should be legible & should not give unnecessary strain or difficulty to the examiner.
The answer paper that is neatly written with clean & good hand writing is a great relief to the examiner.

COURSE SYNOPSIS   Total levels – 2 levels, 1 level = 3 months

Level 1 (Cursive Writing) : Strokes, letter formation, word formation
Level 2 (Speed writing) Sentence formation, paragraphs, speed

Course Duration1 class of 1hr each
Age:5 yrs and above

Course Benefits   

  • Good hand writing instills self confidence, self assurance, and self reliance in a person.
  • It adds beauty to your work piece.
  • You can maintain legible hand writing even as you increase the speed in writing.