Invented in 1974 by ERNO RUBIK from Budapest, Hungary Solving Rubik’s cube has been of the greatest puzzle involving significant concentration, mind, body coordination, sharpness and quick reflex. Solving a puzzle stimulates your brain, enhances your thinking and analytical power, helps you improve your concentration and focus. Rubik’s Cube is the best-selling puzzle in history and continues to challenge folks. Solve this ultimate brain teaser by rotating the puzzles so each side has one colour.

When the cube is rotated, the edges and corners move and the cube become scrambled. The challenge of the puzzle is to restore each cube to its original position. The cube is extremely challenging because there are many ways to solve and the best brain solves a cube in the least possible time.
Rubik created the cube as a teaching aid for his students to help them recognize three-dimensional spatial relationships and improve engineering skills.
The program is applicable to all age groups. The activity is well suited to enhance the analytical capability and to improve the confidence level of children, college students, adults etc.
Solving all sides of Rubik’s Cube at the least possible time involves skill, reflex, focus and concentration. Kidz N Brainz provides systematic training on various aspects involved in solving Rubik’s Cube.

The program leads to    

  • Increase in competency skills
  • Increase in focus and concentration
  • Increase in sharpness and capacity of your memory
  • Improves speed, hand, eye and brain coordination
  • 3 dimensional Analyzing Power
  • Matching & Projection skills
  • Increases alertness as one develops speed
  • Recognize 3 dimensional spatial relationships
  • Improve engineering skills

Course duration: 3 months, weekly one class of 1 hour each