Calligraphy means beautiful handwriting.
Lettering is an art, when used correctly, by itself can create almost any desired impression & express an idea.
It can suggest quality, charm, action, speed, beauty, dignity, character etc. It reflects ones personality.
It improves handwriting & adds more creativity to your writing

COURSE SYNOPSIS   Total levels – 2 levels, 1 level = 3 months

Level 1 : Old English Style, Margaret Style, Floral Style and Cursive Style
Level 2 : Old English Text, German Text, Stencil Text, Gothic Text, Bubble Style, Christmas Text, Eastern Style, Round Hand Script, Copper Plate Script, Uncial Gothia, Wood Art, Shadow, Sketch Pen Styles, Numerals

Course DurationWeekly 1 class of 1hr 30 min each
Age: 8 yrs and above

Course Benefits   

  • Helps in designing greeting cards, invitation cards, labels, posters, monograms etc.
  • Gives better look to your project work, practical records, Certificates, Catalogues etc
  • At the end of the course you will be able to create your own Calligraphic styles.
  • More than 30 styles will be taught altogether.