Kidz N Brainz™, had organized an Open State Level Competition on 23rd Jan 2011. 
The prize distribution ceremony was held on 26th Jan 2011 between 9 AM to 12 at A.D.A. Rangamandira, J.C.Road, Bengaluru. We had thousands of parents witnessing the function. 
Over 700 children from different centers across the state between the age group 5 to 15 had participated in the competition, out of which around 300 to 350 children won the prizes in different categories.
The Chief guests for the event
Smt. Swarna Latha M.A., B.Ed
Principal, National Academy School, Halasuru
Mrs. Monali Bordoloi M.A (Economics)
Sub Editor, City Plus News Paper 


Wonder Kid Awards:
These are the prestigious awards given to the children who have excelled in their respective levels. While selecting the children we have taken into consideration their accuracy, speed with numbers, their punctuality, mannerism in the class & the completion of their home work.
From 6 different Kidz N Brainz branches, we had 10 children winning these prestigious awards.
Here go their names,
Manasa, Rithika, Aadithya, Thejasvi from Indiranagar Center, Kumar.P.Miskin from Wilson Garden Center, Bhargavi & Jishnu Iyer from Marathahalli Center, Harshitha from Cox Town, Pratap from Electronic City, Prajwal from V.V.Puram.


 Kidz N Brainz had organized Graduation ceremony for children who successfully completed all the 10 levels of Abacus. It takes 2 ½ years to complete 10 levels.
7 children from Indiranagar recieved the Convocation Certificate this year. They are,
Rakesh Vijay, Vineeth, Manasa, Chaitanya, Vishnu Teja & Radika Sharma.

Demo Kids
Some children from Indiranagar gave a live demonstration of maths sums with ease. They could easily solve 2 digit 15 rows, 3 digit 10 row of addition & subtraction mentally faster than a calculator. These kids could even recite any tables from 1 to 1000 which stunned the audience.